Hand Tools

While many working professionals value their power tools, most tradesmen or workshop owners understand that hand tools are where the real art is. There’s nothing quite like polishing off a piece, putting together an installation, or refining an end product by using elbow grease and the sleight of your hand.

Of course, in order to achieve that, our tools need to be reliable. That’s why we have take it upon ourselves to stock our product library with a range of hand tools that are both easy to handle, safe to operate, comfortable to use, and reliable to keep.

Hand Tools

We also understand that hand tools often take pride of place in your toolbox or tool rack, which is why our products are easy to store and maintain over time.

No matter if you need a somewhat niche operating tool for a certain job, or large fixtures that become a fundamental part of your toolkit, we have all this to offer and more.

For the smaller jobs we offer allen keys, driving tools, files, crafts and finishing products. We also offer modular products such as hammer handles and wedges, for you to sell and provide your consumers with a variety of choices. This is just a fraction of the products we have on offer, listed below in an itemised fashion.

No matter what hand tools you hope to sell or provide to a range of end users, you will find our stock more than navigable and useful to bulk order.

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