Power Tools

Power tools are still, comparatively, quite a recent invention. The use of electricity and careful mechanics to help us become more efficient, uniform and productive in our construction applications is not something to be sniffed at.

When our customers look for power tools, they aren’t simply looking for something that ‘does the job.’ They’re looking for the full feature set - from implemented safety protocols, to a keen aesthetic, to comfortable handling and the potential of long-term maintenance.

Power Tools

As power tools are often more expensive than their handheld counterparts, they also serve as statement pieces and can take pride of place in a workmen’s toolbox, perhaps lasting him or her years upon years.

For this reason, our power tools go over and above the efficiency and safety standards required.

From planers to routers and sharpeners, all the way up to cordless drills, wallpaper strippers and combi kits, our library of power tools should not only help you provide a competent selection to your customers, but should enable them to keep up with any job, large or small.

Furthermore, our power tools are open for bulk orders and easy storage, helping you better curate and keep hold of your inventory over time. No matter if you’re equipping a large construction outfit with fresh supplies, or you’re offering the end user a range of DIY toolkits, our power tools instructional offerings and easy usage will enable reliable usage alongside competent training.

In this way, our safety tools will always conform to the age old adage ‘safety first’.

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